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Sterilized Disposable Dental Needles


  • Tri-beveled super sharp needle tips with round cutting edges.
  • Surgical grade silicon coated stainless-steel cannulas assuring smooth almost painless penetration.
  • Packaged in sterile containers with individually colour coded tamper-evident label seals.
  • Metric or Non/Metric pre-threaded plastic hubs with full length threading ensuring maximised stability.
  • Ethylene Oxide gas sterilized·
  • Wide range of sizes. Colour and size coded.


100 Needles in a box, 40 boxes in a case, 2 cases in a carton

JT 27L tgJect 27G Long, Metric 0.4 x 34mm Orange
JT 27S tgJect 27G Short, Metric 0.4 x 24mm Yellow
JT 30S tgJect 30G Short, Metric 0.3 x 24mm Violet
JT 30XS tgJect 30G X-Short, Metric 0.3 x 21mm Green
JT 30XXS tgJect 30G XX-Short, Metric 0.3 x 16mm Blue
JT 30XXX tgJect 30G XXX-Short, Metric 0.3 x 12mm Purple
JT 27Li tgJect 27G Long, Non-Metric Thread 0.4 x 34mm Grey
JT 27Si tgJect 27G Short, Non-Metric Thread 0.4 x 24mm Black
JT 30Si tgJect 30G Short, Non-Metric Thread 0.3 x 24mm Pink
JT 30XSi tgJect 30G X-Short, Non-Metric Thread 0.3 x 21mm White
JT 30XXSi tgJect 30G XX-Short, Non-Metric Thread 0.3 x 16mm Red
JT 30XXXi tgJect 30G XXX-Short, Non-Metric Thread 0.3 x 12mm Maroon

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