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EDTA Cream for Root Canal Cleaning and Preparation

19% EDTA Cream


  • Root canal preparation with files and reamers.
  • Presence of calcifications in the canal.
  • Too narrow canals in posterior teeth.
  • Smear layer removal.


  • Gel formula ready to use with supplied tips.
  • Water soluble.
  • Lubricates root canal and facilitates endodontic instruments penetration.
  • Makes shaping more efficient and easy.
  • High percentage content of EDTA making cleaning of smear layer and debris even easier and efficient.

Mode of Action

  • Removal of organic substances by chelation (EDTA-Ca²).
  • Easier filling due to its lubricating action.
  • Excellent antibacterial effect.
  • Produces the cleanest canal wall after smear layer removal.


  • tg-ChelCrem 5.4ml(7.0gm) x 2
  • 10 disposable tips.

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