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Bonding System Chemical Cure

Chembond is a self cure enamel bonding system made to enhance the bonding strength between the tooth enamel the Composite, and also to seal the marginal edges.


Etchning & Bonding Procedure

  • Clean and dry the cavity and tooth.
  • Etch the enamel of the tooth with the enchant acid for 20 or 30 sec. Rinse and dry with clean air.
  • If the enamel does not have a chalky appearance repeat the process.
  • Mix one drop of base with one drop of catalyst on the mixing pad with a disposable brush.
  • Apply a thin layer of the mixed paste over the etched enamel and make the restoration.
  • Finish the restoration and apply another thin layer of the bonding paste to seal the edges.
  • Finish and polish.


1 bottle 3ml Base, 1 bottle 3ml Catalyst,

1 bottle 9g etchant, mixing pad and brush holder

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