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ZOE Impression Paste

tgfiloglass is a glass ionomer Type II Base/Lininig cement specifically formulated as the ideal glass ionomer cement for use as base or liner

  • tgimpression Z.O.E. Type II impression is a soft creamy mixture of white zinc oxide (56%) based paste and red-brown eugenol (14.9%) based paste.
  • Recommended for impressions and relines of edentulous and also for taking bite relations.
  • Unsurpassed for full impressions and undergoes no dimensional change.
  • When the contents are mixed a uniform pink colour paste is obtained.
  • The mixing time is 30 seconds and the paste sets in 3 minutes.


  • Mixing Pads.
  • Tube A of 60 gm Zinc Oxide paste.
  • Tube B of 120gm Eugenol paste.

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