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Dental Amalgam Alloy

High Silver Content Amalgam Alloy

68.4% Ag, 4.7% Cu, 26.3% Sn, 0.6% Zn


  • tgloy+ is a premium traditional amalgam alloy with over a 60-year heritage as a standard of excellence. It is estimated that over the years approximately 1,000,000,000 restorations have been made using tgloy+. Restorations of this type of alloy are known to give good service of up to 20 years and more. Formulated from 99.99%+ pure silver, the particles or microgranules are so sized, shaped and free of contaminating surface coatings that their surfaces abrade efficiently with light trituration. This provides a more positive and faster amalgamation than is possible with coarser grained alloys and alloys that exhibit a tendency to form surface oxides.
  • The scientific blend of particle sizes in tgloy+ not only provides ease of condensing with small-faced condensers but are arranged to ensure an extremely dense restoration. Fine-like dust particles, which cause high flow and variations in setting expansion, have been eliminated.
  • The resultant amalgam, made with clean, solid tgloy+ microgranules, packs easily and carves with a smooth dense surface. Strong margins can be established without breakage, as there are no coarse-jagged particles to “pull-out”, leaving holes or rough surfaces. tgloy+ restorations polish to a high lustre.

Typical Properties

Length Size
Working Time 10 minutes
Dimensional change +0.25 um/mm
1 hour compressive strength 85 MPa
Static creep 1.2%
Packing characteristics positive response down to 0.5 mm dia. Condensers
Carving characteristics Positive feather-edged smooth shaving to desired results
Finishing characteristics Restoration is enhanced by burnishing and polishing
Hg to alloy ration 1.4:1

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