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Flowable Light Cure Composite

tgflow is designed for use with Veneers, inlays and full coverage restorations.


  • Highly polishable and excellent esthetic properties.
  • Excellent marginal adaptation.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Perfect flow behavior flowing easily into small defects and awkward shaped cavitiesthus requiring minimum manipulation.
  • Continuous Fluoride release.
  • Minimal invasive techniques and optimal consistency.


Class III and V restorations, minimally invasive therapy, extended fissure sealing, deciduous teeth restorations, blocking out of undercuts, cervical erosions and abrasions, Class II restorations under composites (CbC-technique, Compomer bonded Composite)


For bases and lining


  • Kits: 3 x 2.3gm Flowable composite syringes, 1 x 1,15gm etch syringe, 6 disposable tips.
  • Single Syringe: 1.5gm syringe in a smart clear plastic box.

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