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tgloy Capsules

Dental Amalgam Alloy

tgloy is a Premium High Silver Content (68.4%) Dental Amalgam Alloy

Among its many excellent characteristics are:

  • Formulated from 99.99% pure silver, the particles or micro granules are so sized, shaped and free of contaminating surface coatings that their surfaces abrade efficiently with light triturating
  • This provides a more positive and faster amalgamation than is possible with coarser grained alloys and alloys that exhibit a tendency to form surface oxides
  • The scientific blend of particle sizes do not only provide ease of condensing with small-faced condensers but are also arranged to ensure an extremely dense restoration
  • No fine-like dust particles, which cause high flow and variations in setting expansion
  • The clean, solid micro granules pack easily and carve with a smooth dense surface
  • Strong margins can be established without breakage, as there are no coarse-jagged particles to “pull-out”, leaving holes or rough surfaces
  • Achieve restorations polish to the highest possible luster
  • Very low static creep factor which helps prevent marginal ditching and thus increases the life and service of the restoration
  • Available in both powder and capsules


tgloy SafeCap or ScrewCap Capsules are packed in tubs of 50 Capsules each. The SafeCap Capsules come with a small plastic stick to open the capsul with.

Capsules: 1 Spill (LO 1S) , 2 Spills (LO 2S) , 3 Spills (LO 3S)

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