tgspray impression

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tgspray impression (500 ml) Impression Disinfectant Spray.

  • tgspray impression is a ready to use Impression Disinfectant Spray. It is a high performance disinfectant for the comprehensive disinfection of alginates, silicones, polyether and plaster impressions.


  • Alginates, silicones, polyether and plaster impressions


  • Aldehyde free
  • No mix ready to use
  • Disinfects and cleans in one operation
  • Broad spectrum effect, bacterial, fungicidal
  • Inactivation of HIV/HBV and papova-virus, polio virus

Instructions for use

  • Spray un-diluted solution directly onto the impression & soak thoroughly
  • leave impression to dry naturally


  • Contents per 100g  Ethanol & Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium chloride

Available in

  • 500ml Spray and 5 Litre containers
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Product Enquiry

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